May 5 th, 2010
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Driveway and sidewalk Contractors in New Castle County?

Looking for a recommendation for a driveway and sidewalk contractor in New Castle County?

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  • Candace Roseo May 6, 2010
    All contractors are supposed to be licensed in NCC - if you go to their website you can get a list of those who abide. Anyone who does work should give you a written, detailed estimate of costs, materials & labor supplied, as well as a schedule of how long work will take. Be sure to ask for references (and call them!) as well as a certificate of insurance. This will ensure you are dealing with a reputable contractor and not one who is just out to make a quick buck! Depending upon the size of the job, you should also not need to give them any, or only a small amount of $ down as a deposit. Offer a certified check if need be that you can get from your bank and pay once job is complete. Also get warranty in writing.

  • Candace Roseo May 6, 2010
    Better Business Bureau is another source of reputable contractors.

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