Jun 28 th, 2010
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Where in Delaware to Dispose of Household Paint?

Where can I take my half-used unwanted paint to have it disposed of?

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  • pw June 28, 2010
    The Delaware Solid Waste Authority has hazardous waste collection events and drop-off sites - - (however, they do not take latex paint). Other suggestions: Use Freecycle to try to locate someone locally who may want to use the unwanted paint. Contact local school art programs which may be able to use the paint.

  • HB July 1, 2010
    If it's latex paint you can take the lids off and once it has dried out, after a long period, just place it in your household trash. If it is oil based the solutions above are the best way to proceed.

  • Jeff July 1, 2010
    Um..., Couldn't you just put it on the wall?

  • WhereInDE July 6, 2010
    (from Facebook) Rob Wiltbank- If I recall correctly, if it's a small amount and you allow the paint to dry, it's no longer prohibited. July 1 at 3:58pm ยท Will Hurd- Delaware Solid Waste Authority has monthly Household Hazardous Waste dropoffs. July 1 at 5:57pm Dave Bart- You can try other places like Habitat for Humanity or Recycling Angels or if you want schools and art studios may take it, go to to see when there HHW are the next one in New Castle is September and there is one this month in the lower county? Remember also that if it is empty it is STEEL and it is RECYCLABLE, good luck July 2 at 8:19am

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