3 Ways Basement Waterproofing Services Add Value To Your Home

Does your basement have a dampness problem? This section of your house is prone to water damage because water seeps towards the lowest point in your home. Moisture seepage through the basement floors and walls is a big problem for basements that are not waterproofed. Dampness in the basement comes with various problems, including mold infestation and weakening of the foundation. You need basement waterproofing services if your basement is suffering from dampness problems. Taking care of this problem adds value to your home in several ways:

Reduced Maintenance Costs 

An unprotected basement is vulnerable to structural damage that can go unnoticed until the damage is very extensive. Cracks in the wall and floor spread and widen as the seasons change. They form an infiltration point for more moisture and vermin. Cold drafts also come through and then rise upwards to living spaces.  

Basement waterproofing seals present and emerging cracks. It saves you higher costs of doing more extensive repairs in the future. In addition, blocking the flow of cold air into the basement translates to lower heating costs. 

Extend Usable Space in the House 

In many homes, the basement covers significant floor space. It is often left unused because it is dark and damp. But you can get more value from this space after basement waterproofing. You can convert it into a media room, library, game room, or a living space by adding a bathroom. You get more value for your home investment by putting this space to use. A usable basement adds value to the house when you want to sell and adds to the total floor space. 

Reduce Health Risks

Is there a musty smell in your basement? If so, there is a high chance of mold infestation. The basement is usually the most likely place to find mold in a house because of dampness. Moisture seepage through the walls and floors keeps these surfaces damp. As a result, they attract mold and mildew that spread fast and release spores into the indoor air. 

Mold is a grave risk to your family's health because it brings respiratory ailments. People with asthma are especially sensitive to mold spores. It also aggravates other respiratory ailments like common colds. Some people suffer from skin and eye irritation when they come into contact with mold spores. Fortunately, basement waterproofing services can identify where the moisture is happening and seal it. This keeps the basement dry, safeguarding your family's health. 

Would you like to make your basement a healthy and usable space? Contact a basement waterproofing service for more information.