The General Contractors Guide to Hiring Qualified Superintendents

If you are a general contractor and are managing several jobs, it can be difficult to be everywhere at once. Therefore, you might want help managing your jobs and keeping your clients happy. So, you probably are ready to start looking for a superintendent to manage your projects. The following guide will help you with the hiring process when you are looking for a superintendent for your projects:

Get the Right Experience

The biggest step when hiring a superintendent is finding someone with the right experience for your projects. This depends on the type of projects that you are doing. For example, if you do mostly buildouts, you want to hire a superintendent that has experience with buildouts. This might be different if you do steel construction and other commercial projects that require different levels of experience.

Look for Special Skills

Getting a project manager that has the right skills can also be challenging. Therefore, you may want a superintendent that can handle more than managing the projects. It might help to have someone that has basic carpentry and handyman skills to complete commercial buildouts. If you hire a superintendent that can do basic repairs for things like building inspections, it can reduce costs and save time on your projects.

Remember the Safety Training Needs for Your Projects

Today, safety training is more important than ever when it comes to managing projects. A well-trained superintendent can help reduce risks to save on insurance premiums and prevent you from getting fined by the OSHA. You might want to have a superintendent that can provide basic safety training to other employees and contractors too. Ask about any safety certifications before hiring your superintendent to ensure they have the training you need.

Consider Contract Options for Your Project Needs

Depending on the projects that you are currently working on or planning, you might have different needs when it comes to managing them. If you are usually only working on one project at a time but have recently become busy, a temporary hire for the superintendent can be a good solution. If you usually have multiple projects going on, you might want to find a superintendent and hire them with an annual contract.

Hiring a superintendent is a smart decision for any general contractor that has trouble managing their projects. Contact a superintendent service provider, such as Titan Consultants, to get the help you need to manage projects and keep your clients happy.