3 Benefits Of Commercial Stucco

The type of material used on the exterior of your commercial building can have an impact on the function and aesthetic of the building itself.

One construction material that is gaining in popularity within the commercial market is stucco. Learn more about the benefits a stucco exterior can offer before you decide to upgrade the exterior of your commercial building in the future.

1. Versatility

Stucco is an incredibly versatile construction material. Modern stucco can be customized to meet a property owner's needs.

You will be able to order stucco that has color additives to help you create the right aesthetic for your commercial building.

Your contractor will ensure that the stucco used to coat the exterior of your building contains synthetic acrylics or fibers to help increase its flexibility. Flexible stucco is capable of expanding and contracting in response to exterior temperature changes, which reduces the likelihood that this stucco will crack.

If you need a versatile material for your commercial building, stucco could be the answer.

2. Structural Stability

You want your commercial building to be as structurally sound as possible.

A lot of commercial buildings are made from durable materials like cinder blocks, metal, concrete, or brick. Unfortunately, these materials aren't always the most attractive.

Stucco can be applied directly over the top of these structural materials. This gives you the ability to maintain the overall structural stability of your commercial space without sacrificing the aesthetic of your business.

3. Safety

Safety should always be a priority when it comes to selecting materials for your commercial space.

You want to ensure that your employees and customers are protected at all times. You also need to guarantee that your business assets are protected within your commercial space. Stucco provides the safety that you need.

Stucco is one of the few construction materials that is resistant to fire. The materials used to create stucco can act as a fire retardant. This will give you more time to put out any flames that erupt before they can cause extensive damage to your building.

The fire retarding qualities of stucco can also provide a commercial building's occupants with additional time to escape a burning building unharmed.

If you want to improve the aesthetic, stability, and safety of your commercial building, consider updating the exterior with stucco. Commercial stucco is a durable material that can increase the value of your building over time.

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