Commercial Fences: 3 Different Types And Styles

When it comes to commercial fencing, homeowners and businesses are spoilt for choice. Factors that influence this choice are mainly aesthetic value and security levels. Different property owners will therefore have different preferences. For instance, the goal of a manufacturing facility may be security for theft prevention, with aesthetics coming in second place.

In situations where the primary consideration is security, there may be a need to top up commercial fences with additional deterrents such as barbed wire or razor ribbon. This brief lists some of the most common types of commercial fences.

Chain link

This is arguably the most common fence type. A chain link comprises steel with a galvanized coating, thus its weather-resistant nature. It is, therefore, uncommon for it to rust. A chain link is easy to install and efficient too. The fence has an identical appearance from both sides. It is also easy to powder coat a chain link in different colors. In which situations is chain link fencing appropriate? It is utilized when quickly setting up a secure perimeter. Additionally, you could use it indoors in your warehouse to partition storage areas. You can also add slats in the chain link to offer both privacy and protection from noise, wind, and dust.


If you're going for aesthetics, vinyl fencing is an excellent place to start. It is protected from ultraviolet light and never needs painting. Vinyl fencing posts are resistant to rotting and shrinkage, decomposition, and rust. Another advantage of this popular fencing type is the negligible maintenance costs. You only incur cleaning costs. On the downside, its lightweight nature requires proper installation to reduce its vulnerability to harsh weather. Also, the chances of it cracking when hit in extremely cold weather are high. Housing communities could find this fencing a valuable addition to their homesteads as it offers both security and aesthetics.


Farm-style fences use wood. From decorating to acting as posts for wire mesh and electric fencing, farm-style fences have a wide range of agricultural applications. Most people find this choice appealing because the wood can do two things–either enhance the appearance of your natural surroundings or blend in. Farm-style fencing will give your space a farm feeling while keeping it secure at the same time.

The above are but a few of the fencing options you could consider. Others include aluminum, composite, and pool fencing. It would be best if you ascertained your needs before diving in and making a choice, as each fencing style is unique in its own way.