Foam Insulation Improvements That Do More Than Stop Energy Loss

If you are considering improvements for your home, you want to know about the benefits of foam insulation. You may be surprised that foam insulation can do much more than just provide a thermal barrier. It can also improve the structural strength, keep pests out, and prevent problems. The following are some of the things that will do more than just stop energy loss:

Foam Insulation to Protect Roofing

Your roof can be vulnerable to various types of damage, which can be caused by winter weather. Therefore, you want to invest in improvements that prevent issues like ice damage due to winter weather. Adding foam insulation to the attic helps to keep the heat from reaching the roofing. This prevents the melting and refreezing of snowfall, which is what leads to ice dams that cause damage to shingles. In addition, the extra attic insulation will reduce energy loss and improve the structure of your home.

Insulating Walls for Structural Strength

There are many areas where homes are vulnerable to damage due to storms and natural disasters. Therefore, you may want to invest in improvements that help protect your home from damage, such as insulating the walls with foam insulation. The foam will help add to the structural strength of your home to make it more stable. Insulating the exterior walls with spray foam will make your home more resistant to storm damage and other problems.

Sealing Areas Where Pests Cause Damage

There are various areas around your home where pests can get in and cause damage. To prevent pests from causing damage, you need to seal around areas to help keep them out. Spray foam insulation products can be formulated to deter pests from getting in around foundation seal plates and other vulnerable areas.  If you live in an area where problems like termite infestations cause severe damage to wood homes, this is a great investment to protect your property.

Sealing In Window Casings Without Causing Damage

The windows are other areas where foam can be used for improvements. Today, specially formulated foam products can be used around the window and door frames to secure them and stop air leaks. This prevents damage that is caused by other insulation materials and helps protect the window opening from damage.

The foam insulation improvements can be a great investment to improve efficiency and prevent damage. Contact a foam insulation contractor to start planning some of these improvements for your home.