3 Choices In Vinyl Siding When You Want Something Other Than Basic Lap Siding For Your Home

Vinyl siding is a popular choice because it's durable and it comes in many colors. What you may not realize is that the siding also comes in different styles. This means you don't need to choose traditional clapboard siding unless that's the style you prefer. Here's a look at three options in vinyl siding.

1. Vertical Board And Batten Siding

Some styles of vinyl siding come in boards that can be installed vertically rather than horizontally. One example is board and batten siding. This option consists of wide vinyl boards installed vertically with smaller strips of vinyl applied over the seams between the bigger boards. This can give your home a farmhouse look. You could also vary the color between the wide and narrow boards for a fairytale cottage aesthetic. Vertical board and batten siding also works well on traditional homes alone or paired with another type of siding such as brick or faux stone.

2. Log Cabin Siding

If your home is in a country or wooded setting, you might want to have vinyl log cabin siding installed. These planks have a rounded shape so they look like real logs. Plus, they have the color and grain texture of real wood. However, vinyl is much easier to care for than real wood.

You could also choose flat planks with wood texture and color. Another option if you like the look of wood siding is to buy vinyl shakes. These have deep texture so they resemble hand-split wood shakes.

3. Scalloped Beach House Siding

A benefit of vinyl siding is that it can be shaped, colored, and textured during the manufacturing process. In addition to boards and shakes, the siding can have rounded or scalloped edges. If you live in a beach area, scalloped vinyl siding could be something that gives your home the appearance of a historic beach cottage.

Further, you can have your entire house sided in vinyl scallops or just use scallops on the gables and use another type of siding for the lower part of the house, such as vinyl shakes.

In addition to these three special types of vinyl siding, you can choose from a range of more traditional plank styles and colors. In addition to making your home look attractive, vinyl siding is easy to maintain. This means it's a good choice for any home whether you want a traditional look that blends in with your neighborhood or something unique that makes your home stand out.