Repairing The Problems Your Boiler Is The Most Likely To Experience

Despite the fact that a boiler is likely to be one of the most reliable appliances in your home, it is still extremely beneficial to spend time becoming informed about the potential problems and repairs that you will need to handle.

Bubbling Or Knocking Sounds

At some point, the boiler may start to make bubbling, rattling, or knocking sounds. This problem is often referred to as kettling, and it can indicate that there is an accumulation of sediment, corrosion, or other materials in the tank. These substances will have to be removed to prevent this problem from progressing from noises to actual clogs. Luckily, most boilers are designed so that they can be relatively easy for a professional service to clean. This can ensure that you are able to restore the performance of the boiler.

Pilot Light Inconsistencies

Many boilers will utilize a burner and pilot light to create heat. Problems with the pilot light of the boiler can lead to reliability issues with the system. Pilot light problems are often the result of poor maintenance practices, as this can allow residue to collect deep in the burner's components. As a result, the burner may need to be professionally repaired if it were to suffer this problem, as a technician may need to take the burner apart to remove the clogs that have formed. Luckily, this type of repair can usually be completed very quickly so that your time without hot water can be kept as short as possible.

Water That Is Too Hot

While you will want your boiler to effectively heat the water, you will want to avoid letting it become too hot. This can lead to pressure building up in the boiler, which can damage its components or even lead to a rupture. Your boiler will allow you to adjust its temperature. However, it can be possible for this control system to fail. This can be a serious problem, as it could lead to your boiler running too hot, but a boiler repair technician will be able to assess the cause of the temperature control problem so that effective repairs can be taken. Often, this is a problem that older boilers will be more likely to experience due to the years of wear that the temperature control components can experience. If your boiler is relatively new and suffers from this problem, you may want to consult the warranty, as these repairs may be covered under it.

For more information about boiler repair, contact a local contractor.