3 Great Fire-Resistant Roofing Materials

If you are in a drought, taking steps to protect your home against fires becomes even more critical. If you don't want your home to become another wildfire casualty, you need to be careful about the material you use on your roof and on your home. If you are building a new home or remodeling your old home, consider using fire-resistant materials on your roof.

Roofing materials go through testing to determine their fire ratings. Class A roofing materials are considered to be non-combustible, which means they can withstand severe fire exposure without producing any firebrands.

Slate Tiles

If you want to go with a material that has a Class A fire rating and will give your home a high-class look, you should consider using slate on your roof. Slate is a natural stone tile that is non-combustible and will keep your home safe. It is also really durable and long-lasting, so if you put slate tiles on your roof now, you will not have to worry about putting a new roofing material on your home for decades to come.

The downside to slate is that it is a really heavy material, so you need to ensure your roof can support its weight before using this material.

Clay Tiles

Another option for non-combustible roofing material is clay tile. Clay tile is also a really long-lasting material that can last a lifetime on your roof. It provides great insulation as well.

You need to be aware of clay tile because some clay tile designs create a small gap between the underlayment and the tile sheathing. These gaps have to be plugged. If these gaps are not plugged, they can create an entryway for embers to get into your roof and spread to structural support beams. This is a flaw that can be fixed.

Concrete Tiles

A third non-combustible option is concrete tiles. Concrete tiles can last for decades with the proper care. One of the top advantages of concrete tiles is that they are not nearly as expensive as slate or clay tiles. Due to the way they are constructed, they tend to be a lot more affordable.

Another advantage of concrete tiles is that they come in many different shapes, finishes, and colors, allowing you to choose the most appealing design possible for your roof.

With any non-combustible roofing material, it is important to take good care of your roof and to replace any missing tiles immediately to maintain fire protection. To maintain fire protection, you also need to keep your gutters free of debris as well. Talk to a local roofing company to determine which non-combustible roofing material is the best for your roof and budget, like P&G Renovations.