The Best Contemporary Fireplace Designs To Add Functional Heat To Your Home For The Holidays

Even though the kids still haven't yet started school again, you might want to be thinking about projects to do before winter arrives. One important project might be installing a new fireplace, which will take some time to plan. You will want to choose a functional solution that also adds to the modern design of your home. Some contemporary fireplace designs that will provide your home with functional heat include:

Linear Designs Provide More Heat

Older fireplaces had one problem that made them less efficient—they were narrow and deep. This causes more thermal energy to be lost through the chimney. Modern linear glass fireplaces solve this issue with wider designs and a shallower depth. This allows more of the heat that is being produced to be dispersed inside your home rather than being lost through the flue pipe. In addition to the functionality of a linear fireplace design, these models are also more modern looking and work well in contemporary home designs.

Glass Features Make Fireplaces Look Modern

Another functional component of a linear fireplace design is glass. The glass features are attractive design elements that are easy to keep clean and give fireplaces a sleek modern look. An added benefit of the glass features is that they allow more heat to be dispersed into a room because of their physical properties. Therefore, you lose less energy with a linear glass fireplace than you do with conventional, more traditional, all-metal inserts. Glass designs also go well with contemporary architecture and decor.

Gas And Alcohol Systems Make Cleaner-Burning Fireplaces

There are several options for a cleaner-burning fireplace that can be installed in your home. If you have gas utilities, a gas fireplace might be a good choice for your home. However, installing gas systems can be expensive and not worth the investment if you don't have gas connections. Today, there are also alcohol alternatives that use clean-burning ethanol fuels.  Another benefit of alcohol systems is that they are some of the cleanest fireplace designs, so there will not be as much cleaning and maintenance that needs to be done to maintain your fireplace. If you want the benefits of using alcohol fuel and the sleek modern look of a glass linear fireplace, there are many models available that can offer you all three features. 

Contact a fireplace service and ask about linear glass fireplaces now so you can install a new fireplace to efficiently heat your home and enhance its attractiveness before winter and the holidays arrive.