Reasons Why Your Waste Is Not Getting Out To The Septic Tank Drainfield As It Should

Your septic system's drain field area is the final resting point for some of the water or waste that makes it through the system. But if you are having issues with wastewater not making it to the drain field or you are noticing more solids than usual making it into the drain field area, you might require septic tank drainfield repair or repair somewhere else within your septic system. Here are some tips to keep in mind if you are noticing too much water or too many solids making it into the septic tank's drain field area.

Overloading the System With Too Much Waste or Water Can Cause the Drain Field to Become Clogged or Flooded

If you have a septic tank system on your property, you've probably already been told about the importance of spacing out your showers or loads of laundry. But mistakes happen and maybe you just send out too much wastewater in too short of a period. If the septic system goes into hydraulic overload, solids might not be filtered out properly and end up getting into the drain field area or causing clogs throughout the system. You may need a professional to pump out any excess water or help you clean up the mess and relocate the drain field to an area that has not been affected. In the future, be more careful about your water usage and how often you are sending waste down the drain.

The Roots From Nearby Trees or Vegetation Can Grow and Expand Over Time

Sometimes a clog can develop within your septic drain field through no fault of your own. Those nearby trees or vegetation seemed far enough away when the drain field was first installed, but roots can grow and expand over time, all without you even noticing until it's too late. If some of the roots from nearby vegetation have gotten into the drain field soil or a nearby septic line, this is going to cause a leak or a clog and lead to a backup or other issues making a mess throughout the drain field perhaps the rest of the septic system. A drain field or septic system expert can use a remote camera to locate the roots or other obstructions underground and then help you restore the drain field and overall system while you work on removing vegetation from the area.

The Problem Might Be Water Getting Into the Drain Field Area From Another Source

It's also possible that excess water in the drain field could not be from the septic system. Soil can erode over time, and maybe you now have water runoff from your gutters or the last storm making its way down to the drain field even though that wasn't a possibility in that location when the drain field was first installed. Contact a septic system expert today to detect the issue and repair the problem.