Asphalt Paving Services That Can Restore An Old, Neglected Parking Lot

If you're buying an old commercial building to renovate and the parking lot has been neglected, you'll want to restore the parking lot too. Call an asphalt paving contractor and discuss your options. You may not need to put in a new lot if the old one can be saved. Here are some asphalt paving services to compare and think about.

Mill And Resurface The Lot So It Looks New

If the parking lot has a lot of cracks and holes, but the damage isn't deep and extensive, the paving contractor might recommend resurfacing the asphalt. This is done by milling away the top layer of asphalt so the damage is removed. The bottom part of your parking lot and the base under it are left in place, so these need to be in good condition and without drainage problems.

After the surface of the asphalt is removed, a new layer of asphalt is added. This gives your parking lot a new appearance. The new layer of asphalt is added to the depth of the layer that was removed so the parking lot is level with sidewalks and curbs already in place. You can have parking lines added and the parking lot looks brand new.

Repair Damage And Add A Sealcoat To Cover Fading

If the parking lot looks bad because it is faded, but cracks aren't too widespread, your asphalt paving contractor might suggest repairing all of the cracks and then adding a sealcoat to the asphalt. Cracks and potholes in the asphalt can be filled in so rain stays out and away from the base. Plus, when damaged areas are repaired, it keeps the damage from getting worse.

After all the cracks are filled, the contractor can add a sealcoat. This is a thin coating that's applied over the parking lot to protect and beautify it. The coating is black so the faded asphalt is restored, and the black color helps the repaired areas blend in better.

A sealcoat also protects the asphalt from the sun, rain, and stains. The coating works to prevent further damage and premature aging of the asphalt. Your contractor may advise adding a new sealcoat every year or so depending on the amount of traffic your lot gets to maintain the appearance of your parking lot.

If neither of these asphalt paving services is suitable for your lot because your lot has drainage issues or extensive damage, your contractor might recommend tearing out the old lot and putting in new asphalt. Then you'll have an entirely new lot that lasts for many years, especially if you keep up with repairs and sealcoating.

For more information on asphalt paving services, contact a specialist.