Protecting Your Property’s Shoreline With A Seawall

There are many individuals that may dream of owning property along a lake, river, or ocean. For these individuals, the construction of a seawall can be a necessary step that they may need to take for their property. However, seawalls are often overlooked by homeowners until their property has already suffered extensive problems due to a body of water.

Seawalls Can Significantly Reduce Shore Erosion

Properties that are located along a shore can experience extreme erosion. Often, this erosion will be the most pronounced following major storms. The combination of runoff from the rain and the shifting body of water can lead to the soil along the shore becoming destabilized. Once this occurs, the soil may fall into the water. Due to this threat, individuals may find that their shore could have eroded by several feet following a major storm moving through the area. The installation of a seawall can greatly reduce this problem as the seawall will be capable of holding the soil in place.

Old Seawalls May Benefit From Replacement

A seawall that has been well designed will generally be able to last for decades without deteriorating. However, if you own a relatively old property, there is a chance that the seawall may need to be replaced relatively soon. This is particularly true for very old seawalls that may not have utilized the best practices during their construction. A seawall contractor will be able to perform a structural integrity assessment of your seawall to determine whether it is approaching the end of its usable life. Unfortunately, especially strong storms can also damage seawalls. If your area has experienced a major storm, a comprehensive assessment may also be needed to verify that the wall was not compromised.

Seawalls Can Be Built From A Variety Of Materials

Seawall construction on your property can be an investment that offers substantial protection to it. However, this does not mean that the addition of a seawall will have to detract from the overall aesthetics of your property. More specifically, seawalls can be constructed using a variety of materials. For example, some individuals may prefer the sleek look of a concrete seawall while also prefer one that is made of stone. This flexibility can be useful when installing docks as you can choose a seawall material that will aesthetically complement the wood and metal used to build the dock. While these structures can come in a range of styles, they will all be effective at reducing soil erosion by reinforcing the shore.