Is It Worth Paying More For A Concrete Driveway?

If you need to have a driveway installed, you may be pondering the two most common options: asphalt and concrete. Asphalt driveways are more affordable, and some people really like the way they look. Concrete driveways do cost a bit more, and they have quite a different look from asphalt driveways. However, they do have a lot of other advantages that make them worth considering. 

Concrete is likely more eco-friendly.

Asphalt is a petroleum product. Or at least, it contains a lot of petroleum products. For this reason, it is often said not to be very environmentally friendly. Concrete, on the other hand, does not contain petroleum products. Concrete driveways also tend to last longer than asphalt ones, which means less waste is generated with concrete driveways. When you do one day need to dispose of the concrete from your old driveway, you can feel good about the fact that it's mostly stone and stone dust and will do little harm to the planet.

Concrete offers better traction.

When a concrete driveway is installed, the installers usually give the concrete some texture. They don't usually just leave it smooth on top. This gives you some traction, even when the concrete is damp or wet, which reduces the risk of falls and injuries. Asphalt, by comparison, tends to just get slippery when it becomes wet. It has a smooth surface, and there's not much you can do about that.

Concrete does not get as hot.

Dark colors absorb more sunlight and heat than light colors. That means they get hotter. Asphalt is black or really dark gray, which is why it gets so hot in the sun. It may burn your feet or your pet's feet in the summer. Concrete tends to stay a lot cooler because of its lighter color. You don't have to be as concerned if your pet walks across it, or if you have to touch it in the heat.

Concrete can be stained and customized.

Asphalt is just black or gray. Concrete, however, can be stained or tinted if you'd like it a different color. You can also have it embellished with some stamps. Having the ability to customize your driveway is surely beneficial.

Is it worth paying more for a concrete driveway? If you value the customizability, heat resistance, and eco-friendly nature of concrete, then you might decide that it is. Consult with a concrete driveway service to learn more.