Tips For Using River Rocks On Sloped Land

The addition of river rocks can reduce landscaping maintenance requirements and add traction and depth to areas along a sloped surface. If your contractor is going to be transforming a hill or another uneven area into one that will be functional, they may use some targeted strategies when installing the rocks.

Rock Sizes And Shapes

The sizes and shapes of river rocks may have a bearing on how well the landscaping materials will remain stabilized. Smaller rocks won't shift downward as easily as larger ones but may necessitate that you purchase a larger volume of rocks than if you were to use a larger variety. Rock sizes and shapes should be assessed during the landscaping planning phase.

View all of the different rock varieties, colors, and textures that a supplier sells. Your examination of the rock types will allow you to visualize how your sloped land can eventually be transformed during the landscaping upgrade. Once you and your contractor have outlined where the river rocks will be installed, you can begin pricing the rocks and making plans to have them delivered.

Landscape Fabric And Drainage

Landscape fabric acts as a weed deterrent. It is also capable of improving drainage. Your contractor may advise that landscape fabric is installed along certain parts of the sloped land. Upon removing weeds and clearing the property, your contractor will secure the fabric. Afterward, they may use a mix of grass seed and river rocks to create a natural-looking surface. Drainage tubes can also be installed along the sloped land. The drainage tubes will be installed underground and will carefully route water down the sloped surface.

Plants And Other Features

Plants can be sandwiched between rocks. The addition of low-maintenance plants will ensure that you aren't needing to frequently tend to the areas where rocks are located. Plants that are destined to grow large in size will act as supports for the rocks that rest in between them. Choose hardy varieties that contain large leafy sections and stems.

Have your contractor use a pattern to arrange the plants and the river rocks. A stairwell or another feature that is being installed along the sloped surface can also act as a support aid. If river rocks are being used solely to add color and texture to the sloped land, the rocks can be anchored on either side of a new stairway that is built into the land.

For more information about river rock for landscaping, contact a local company.