Spruce Up Your Medical Practice With These Commercial Masonry Ideas

As a medical service provider, a lot of attributes of your business location will be about function and practicality. However, creating an attractive property is just as important for a medical provider as it is for someone in any other industry. While you may have added some landscaping or a few hardscape features, commercial concrete allows you to create some impressive property features that will undoubtedly set you apart. Concrete is often used in stone masonry projects to build some highly attractive property features. Check out a few commercial masonry ideas to consider for your medical practice. 

Parking Lot Retaining Walls 

To create a clear divider between your practice and other surrounding business properties, consider talking to a commercial masonry company about building retaining walls around your parking lot. Retaining walls can be short-statured enough that the property is well-visible from outlying areas. However, just a short retaining wall built of brick or concrete stones can give your practice's property a more luxury-level appeal to onlookers. Plus, the enclosed parking area will prevent people from driving through your parking area to reach other locations. 

Concrete Paver Stone Walkways 

Paver stones are an innovative alternative to the basic concrete slab and are reminiscent of the brick or cobblestoned paved surfaces from the past. If you want to give your medical practice a unique design personality, consider having old concrete walkways removed and paver stone walkways installed. You have access to many shapes, colors, and design options with paver stones, right down to porcelain-topped stones that look more like tile than concrete implements. 

Water Fountains 

Water is known to offer soothing audible sounds, which can be fitting in a medical environment where patients may be a bit stressed or nervous about visiting. Therefore, having a commercial masonry contractor install something like a water fountain can be a nice choice for a medical provider. Fountains can be erected from simple bricks or natural stones, and many can be gravity fed so they do not rely on electricity to function. 

Raised Stone Planters 

Installing raised stone planters can add dimension to the medical practice landscape, which can make it stand out. However, stone planters can also make maintaining any flowers, shrubs, or other plants you have easier. For example, a raised planter is less likely to capture trash or debris than a flower bed that sits directly on the ground. Further, because the plants are raised, they are easier to prune and tend to as needed.  

For more info about commercial masonry, contact a local company.